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 Shadow Labyrinth

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PostSubject: Shadow Labyrinth   Mon Oct 20, 2008 7:10 am

Ambassador Hellmaw

Killing the last Overseer in the same room releases Hellmaw and causes him to wander around the room. Thus it is advisable to pull the last Overseer towards the entrance of the room so the party has time to rebuff and regenerate mana before engaging the boss.
The fear can be countered through use of Fear Ward or Tremor Totem.
If you are unable to counter the fear, try to stay at maximum range and kite Hellmaw around the room until the tank is able to regain aggro. Alternatively you may want to employ an offtank that stays out of range of the fear and picks up the boss after a fear.
The tank should make sure Hellmaw is facing away from the party so he is the only one hit by the corrosive acid breath.

Blackheart the Inciter

Be sure to clear the entire room before engaging him. The mobs will aggro you if you do not. This includes the stealthed Cabel Assassins!
Blackheart's abilities frequently reduce or wipe his aggro, which means it is important to let the tank reestablish aggro whenever it is lost. Remember to run towards the tank to reduce the amount of time the tank spends chasing the boss.
Use your cooldowns before the first incite chaos, as Blackheart will make you use them once you are mind controlled. Abilities such Adrenaline Rush, Arcane Power, and Recklessness could cause you to kill your party members during the mind control, so use them ahead of time.
Rogues should not use poisons, and weapons that could leave behind a debuff on a player should be swapped out.
Casters should wear mana regeneration gear instead of damage gear, as this fight is more of an endurance fight, and high DPS could jeopardize the party.
Tree of Life druids are a huge asset in this fight, as during the mind control they will only cast healing spells, and thus is likely to end the mind control at full health and more mana left over.
Normal Mode only: It is possible to "Graveyard Zerg" Blackheart. When someone dies and no combat resurrection is available, just run to the instance and resume the fight.

Grandmaster Vorpil

There are two ways to deal with the Void Traveler adds. You may either have a player dedicated to killing the adds quickly as they spawn (ranged DPS preferred), or you may attempt to kite Vorpil around the room and thus prevent the adds from reaching him.
If you are kiting Vorpil you can further delay the void travelers through the use of Frost Nova, Blast Wave, Thunder Clap, Earthbind Totem. and any other snares you have available.
Alternatively, since Vorpil himself deals relatively little damage, it is possible to just burn him down as quickly as possible. You need a decent amount of DPS to achieve this, but it is a much easier strategy than attempting to coordinate void travelers kills and / or kiting Vorpil.
Mortal Strike and Wound Poison V reduce the amount of healing Vorpil receives from his void travelers, so be sure to use these abilities if they are available.


The tank and melee DPS should be quick to react to the sonic boom. Murmur will emote "Murmur draws energy from the air", at which point you will have five seconds to vacate the circle.
Tanks should use Intercept / Feral Charge - Bear to return to Murmur after the sonic boom to prevent unnecessary damage from resonance.
Healers should use preventative healing measures such as Earth Shield and Power Word: Shield to help keep the victims of Murmur's touch alive.
The damage from Murmur's touch can be avoided with , Ice Block, and Cloak of Shadows. Be careful using these measures however, as they will trigger the detonation which will still affect other party members.
(Heroic) Players should stay inside the ring to avoid taking damage from thundering storm. When sonic boom is cast, they should completely run out of the circle and then immediately return after the spell has hit.
(Heroic) Murmur's touch will draw all party members to the player afflicted with the debuff. Thus there is no value in spreading out; instead stay together and have the person with the debuff run away from the group.
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Shadow Labyrinth
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