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Shirrak the Dead Watcher

*This fight is fairly straight-forward, but the party must have room to maneuver. This means that you must fight him on the elevated areas where he spawns after you first enter the bridge of souls. Fighting him on the stairs and bridge will spell disaster in most cases.

*Shirrak's debuff will affect all casters so healers will need to put some lead time into their casts. DPS casters should focus on instant and channeled spells to provide consistent damage.

*Having a main and off-healer can be a life-saver, especially with the casting debuff. The main healer can focus on the tank while the off-healer catches the rest of the party. This also gives you backup when a flare focuses the main healer and they have to run.

*It is a great advantage in this fight to have at least some physical-based DPS, since the debuff will cripple casters. A hunter is ideal since they will remain mobile and not run the risk of attracting the boss' "focus" near the tank. An affliction-specced warlock is also an asset: using dots and drain life, he will pretty much do as much damage as in another fight, while healing himself and avoiding bites.

*Tree of Life druids make excellent healers for this fight since their instance cast heal over time spells are not impaired by Shirrak's aura.

Exarch Maladaar
* Use of Fear Ward and Tremor Totem can help mitigate effect of the AoE fear.
* It is recommended that you have an offtank to take care of the Stolen Souls and later on the Avatar of the Martyred. *
* Stolen souls should be focus-fired by the group.
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Auchenai Crypts
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