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It is important to note that the tank will get hit multiple times by the Void Blast if he is backed by a wall and is forced to stay within the effective range of the ability. The ability isn't avoidable through line of sight.
To deal with the knockback it is advisable to have everyone place their back against a wall so they don't get knocked too far away. This is especially important for the healer, as the knockback could push him too far out of range to heal the tank.
The large stone in the middle of the room can be used as a barrier for the knockback.
Mages can avoid the Void Blast with Ice Block, warriors can reflect it with Spell Reflection and shamans can absorb it with Grounding Totem. Combat pets will be hit by the ability as well and may help soak extra damage.


Ranged damage classes and healers are able to out-range the Earthquake.
Party members should keep their health above 50% in the off-chance they are unable to receive heals so they do not die if targetted with Crystal Prison.
In Heroic Mode, all melee classes should attack from behind Tavarok to avoid being hit by his Arcing Smash.

Nexus-Prince Shaffar

Nexus-Prince Shaffar starts off with three non-elite Ethereal Beacon adds and will regularly spawn one approximately every 10 seconds. These beacons cast a Arcane Bolt , and must be killed as soon as possible.
If the Ethereal Beacons are left alive too long, Ethereal Apprentice will spawn which cast both Fireball and Frostbolt.
It is very important that the Ethereal Beacons are killed with the utmost priority, for not only do they do a great deal of damage but neglecting them can lead to your party being overrun by spawns.
In Heroic Mode, Ethereal Beacons have around 9000 HP each and their spells hit for 1000-1500 damage. They will also spawn Apprentices much quicker than in Normal Mode.

Yor (Heroic)

It is important that Yor is positioned facing away from the group so they are not hit with the fire breath. Melee DPS should attack from behind him.
Yor is a simple tank and spank fight, although he does hit somewhat hard the fight's mechanics are not complicated.
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