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 Old Hillsbrad Foothills

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Old Hillsbrad Foothills Empty
PostSubject: Old Hillsbrad Foothills   Old Hillsbrad Foothills Icon_minitimeMon Oct 20, 2008 7:14 am

Lieutenant Drake

Fairly straightforward tank and spank. Although Lieutenant Drake has quite some health, he has no real dangerous abilities. That said keep clothies away from his Whirlwind attack. When he fears, he will ignore the feared players for the duration of the fear. Be ready with , Fear Ward, Death Wish, etc. if the fear becomes a problem.

Captain Skarloc

Skarloc comes with two adds, a Durnholde Warden (healer) and a Durnholde Veteran (warrior). While tanking Skarloc, kill the Warden as soon as possible, preferably stunning every heal he tries to do. After that, take on the Veteran, and finish Skarloc after that. Skarloc doesn't hit extremely hard - but he can take a lot of hits, so Counterspell him where possible. He is immune to Curse of Tongues, but the other two can be feared out of the fight.

Epoch Hunter

This is a longer fight than any of the other bosses in this instance, so healing and mana users be ready (be sure Evocation, Innervate, and Shadowfiend are off cooldown).

This fight starts with the Epoch Hunter coming from above. He keeps flying over Tarren Mill, but he is not attackable. He will send three waves of adds:

The first one spawns at the west side of Tarren Mill (by the epoch hunter), and has two melee dragons and one caster. The caster should be taken out quickly.
The second wave is the same as the first, and spawns to the south of Tarren Mill.
The final wave will come from the west like the first, and has three melee dragons and one caster.

Finally, the Epoch Hunter comes down.

Seeing as he has a nasty knockback, he's best to be tanked near the northwestern small house of Tarren Mill, under the outside roof of it. This way, the tank can grab aggro quickly again. Watch out for his breath, and healers should watch out for his damage over time debuff. After he is dead, Old Hillsbrad Foothills will do its last little cinematic.

For the entire instance Thrall can die nineteen times, and the encounter can be reset, either from the Keep, outside Tarren Mill, or beside Taretha depending on how far through you are. If you wipe on this boss, he appears beside Taretha after a short period of time.
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Old Hillsbrad Foothills
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