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Mennu the Betrayer

Fighting Mennu is an endurance test. He has 60,000 HP and healing abilities, but doesn't put out a lot of damage. It is, however, critical that his totems be killed relatively quickly.
Healers should not have any trouble healing through damage. An excellent strategy is to have the tank walk backwards in a large circle while keeping aggro on Mennu; this will ensure that he is out of range of his totems most of the time.
Note that hitting his Corrupted Nova Totem will cause it to go off instantly, so avoid shooting it whenever possible.
Any class can one-shot the totems, so even the healer can deal with most of them via wanding, simple melee damage or rank one Earth Shock / Moonfire.
Grounding Totem will absorb lightning bolts (in both heroic and non-heroic modes).

Rokmar the Crackler

His water attack is frost based, so frost resistance of any kind is good.
To prevent a wipe if the fight is not going well, you can jump into the water and you will exit combat mode after a moment. Make sure that you get out of range of his water spit.
His most devestating attack is the bleed effect, which will increase the already tremendous amount of damage per second over time. The only way to remove this is to heal the afflicted member to their maximum hit points. When this is done, the bleed is removed.


Prior to engaging this boss, remember to unlock and free Naturalist Bite in the cage in the room you are in. When you free him, mobs will spawn. Be prepared! After freeing him you can talk to him and he will buff you with a 30 minute Mark of Bite buff which grants you 110 Nature Resistance and +5% to all stats. This will help with the Poison DoT and his AoE as they both are Nature based.

Nature resist totems/auras stack with the Mark of Bite buff and should be used if available. Hunters turn on Aspect of the Wild, Shamans drop Nature Resistance Totem.

The fight is primarily a tank and spank fight, with healers concentrating on healing the tank and cleansing the DoT from the Poison Bolt Volley.
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